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Residential Electric Services

We are highly qualified in any residential electrical service and offer a variety of professional services. Benitez J Electric Services will provide a custom-made consultation and will make it less costly for you. Whether you need a new appliance installation and repair, lighting or wiring system installation, we get the job done.

Some Of The Services We Offer

Electrical Panel Installation and Repair

A good and well-maintained electrical panel can save you time and money while keeping your house and loved ones safe. As any issues with it can result in a possible hazard and damage to your appliances. We can do anything from a simple inspection and maintenance to a new installation or repair.

Lighting Installation and Repair

Any homeowner knows the importance of proper lighting installation and repair. Good lighting in your home is beneficial to your pocket since using your lights strategically can help with your monthly bill. Our light installation services include maintenance and repair done by professional electricians

Some Of Our Lighting Services

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